Interview with Hye Yeon Nam about her romantic Kiss Controller

indiePub has published an interview with digital media artist Hye Yeon Nam who created the Kiss Controller and Bowling Game. The game and the controller was on display and playable at E3 2011.

From the interview article:

"I made Tongue Music to hear the concept of affection," Nam recounts. "Then I realize music is an abstract and improvisatory form, so there is not an objective score to judge their music. Later, I developed the Kiss Controller to control a game and I used scores depending on couple’s kiss style. Then participants were more interested. They tried to beat other couples' scores. 'My kisses are better than other people’s kisses!'"

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bwazy2579d ago

So if you get a strike does coitus follow?

zinkabassy2579d ago

I have one kiss controller just for her and it is completely organic.

t0mmyb0y2579d ago

Def bubbles for you lol