Why 3-D gaming hasn't caught on

You say you want a revolution? Despite TV and console makers' best efforts, it just doesn't appear to be happening in 3-D for video game fans.

Scroll back the clock 12 months, and 3-D gaming's hype was inescapable. The PlayStation 3 had just received a free software update introducing three-dimensional special effects to popular titles such as "PAIN" and "Super Stardust HD." Promising 3-D debuts of big-name titles such as "Killzone 3," "Crysis 2" and "Mortal Kombat" were still on the horizon. The buzz behind the portable Nintendo 3DS handheld was deafening, thanks to its glasses-free approach to making visuals literally leap off the screen.

But a year later, after all the sound and fury has come and gone, you can hear the virtual crickets chirp.

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Peaceful_Jelly2580d ago

3D is a gimmick that doesn't really enhance gaming and it doesn't even looks that great either.

Tired2580d ago

Not on a tv...It looks rubbish...but 3d projectors are freekin awesome.

Optoma 3d capable projectors and the 3d converter box are available for about £650-£750 depending where you shop-thats cheaper than most 3d tv's and a lot less than I spent on my last tv. And at 120" and 720p when pictures disappear seemingly miles into the wall,It's very immersive. can't wait for resistance 3 and Uncharted.