Mass Effect's FemShep shouldn't need our approval (Bitmob)

Could BioWare's public vote for the appearance of Mass Effect 3's female Commander Shepard change her image and identity forever?

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NagaSotuva2465d ago

I've always used DudeShep, but didn't FemShep already have a default look since Mass Effect 1?

illegalyouth2465d ago

Yeah, she has. Which is why this move feels a little odd.

Charmers2465d ago

The default femshep was just something Bioware chucked together in five minutes with the character creator and for all accounts was a pretty awful look.

This "new" femshep is going to be used for marketing purposes and will appear on the Collector Edition box. The old default femshep does not cut it hence the need for a new femshep.

The competition is meant to be a bit of fun and give us the opportunity to give our feedback to Bioware about what we want the PUBLIC face of femshep to look like. Naturally in the video gaming world this is quite literally bordering on a war crime and as such it should be complained and bitched about at every single opportunity.

Tolkoto2465d ago

I'm kind of getting sick of developers making their communities make decisions for them.

Raendom2465d ago

4 non-avatars in a row, change your avy dude!!!

choadley2465d ago

Doesn't this defeat the point of featuring FemShep more prominently in the first place?

Raendom2465d ago

Hey dude, change your avy!!! XD

Sadie21002465d ago

Wait, I'm a little behind in Mass Effect...are people really calling it DudeShep and FemShep? That's pretty awesome, actually.

Gungnir2465d ago

I don't understand what they hope to achieve by this? Make the masses feel like they participated in a design decision by letting them vote on something utterly insignificant?

It seems pointless since you can customize it anyway. When I have the option to change this stuff, I NEVER use the default.

Charmers2465d ago

The femshep vote is to determine the PUBLIC face of femshep. You can of course use whatever femshep you like in the actual game. However Bioware need a decent default femshep for marketing purposes like trailers and the femshep appearing on the box, that is what people are voting for.

Basically we are voting for the female version of Sheploo.

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