Tales of Catherine ‘Part 2’ Cutscenes **Contains Spoilers** - GameZone

GameZone presents the story of Catherine in multiple parts, playing as evil as they can.

They skip past the puzzles and only showcase the cutscenes to present the story of Catherine. There are multiple ways to solve the puzzles in Catherine so GameZone focuses on giving a walkthrough focused on the decisions and choices to make Vincent "evil".

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TheSanchezDavid2552d ago

Catherine calls for multiple play-throughs. Definitely going to give this another go with completely different answers after I beat it the first time.

athmaus2552d ago

Ah so this game does have multi endings then?

DemonStration2552d ago

Yeah I heard it gets more interesting towards the end based on what you chose

bangoskank2552d ago

Love this game. It's hard as balls but gives your brain a workout.

lance422552d ago

also gives my temper a workout...

bangoskank2552d ago

Yeah, I found myself cursing at the TV after my 10th "Fist of Grudge" death.

TomFG2551d ago

Finding more and more reasons to pick this one up.