Resistance 3: 10 Reasons Why It Deserves More Attention

GB: "As we now enter that final push before the Christmas rush starts to infect development cycles, we see the hype surrounding various upcoming titles reaching boiling point. There’s no real surprise there, with fans anticipating the release of yet another entry in their favourite franchise later on in the year. With all this hubbub though, some games seem to be unfairly forgotten. One such game is Resistance 3, a trilogy closer that seems to be dipping below the radar for many at the moment. This seems like a rather unfair fate for a game like Resistance 3, and here are ten reasons why this is the case."

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PhilipLarkin2430d ago

Agreed. That launch trailer really blew me away.

kreate2430d ago

i hope this isnt the last resistance game.

also i want a resistance:fall of man 2 to be made :(

EeJLP-2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

He's smarter than you Kyle. If you knew the franchise then you'd know what he's most likely talking about.

ie. no Berserks / no Killstreak rewards / no Turrets / no 1hit body shot snipers / no Invisibility / no Bubble Shields online / Weapon Spawns / Public Custom Games / etc.

2430d ago
mafiahajeri2430d ago

TBH it isnt getting alot of hype but it looks great resistance 2 wasnt that great but this one looks more focused more like fall of man. Which is a good thing.

BattleAxe2430d ago

I respect your opinion, but I loved Resistance 2. It was alot of fun, especially the 8 player co-op. I ended up playing way more multiplayer on R2, although I did like the R1 single player campaign better.

mafiahajeri2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Thank you for respecting my opnion and yes R2's strong point was its 8 man co-op.

firemassacre2430d ago

resistance is the real deal, if insomniac advertises this game like it should be advertised that would bring some justice. this is a game alot of people are looking for, they just need to advertise it way more.

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The story is too old to be commented.