Tales of Catherine "Part 1" Cutscenes **Contains Spoilers** - GameZone

GameZone presents the story of Catherine in multiple parts, playing as evil as they can.
They skip past the puzzles and only showcase the cutscenes to present the story of Catherine. There are multiple ways to solve the puzzles in Catherine so GameZone focuses on giving a walkthrough focused on the decisions and choices to make Vincent "evil".

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TheSanchezDavid2308d ago

Having a total blast with this game right now. The puzzles are pretty awesome, but I feel that the story is what really makes this experience.

athmaus2308d ago

This game looks very unique, i wish there was a demo of it so we could try it out before make the plunge to spend $$ on it

CernaML2308d ago

Umm.. There's been a demo available for weeks now.

Peaceful_Jelly2308d ago

there's one on the japanese store though...

DemonStration2308d ago

I'm so pumped to get home and try this game

lance422308d ago

Slowly, my theories about the story are being proven false...

TomFG2306d ago

May well have to give this one a shot. Not usually one for puzzle games but the story is catching my interest..