Now This Is the Female Shepard We Should Be Voting For

Kotaku: I don't like the new female Commander Shepard. Mostly because it's stupid they're changing her in the first place, but also because in all options she looks like a 19 year-old who's angry the Ford Fiesta her parents bought her just got a parking ticket.

But these pieces of fan art from Brazilian Rafael Grassetti, I like. OK, so there's a gaping hole in her body armour, which is a little silly, but aside from that nod to sauciness the rest of her looks lean, mean and ready to kick some alien ass. Just like Commander Shepard should.

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Christopher2520d ago

Shepard isn't intended to be a sex object, she's a soldier out to save the world. We don't need cleavage and slimming outfits for her. I wouldn't mind some new hair styles, but that outfit is ridiculous.

We gotta, as an audience, leave behind the whole chain mail bikini age and move onto something more real just like we've done with most of our male protagonists.

kramun2520d ago

I think she should fight in a bikini, and her casualwear should be a small pair of see through shorts. Just the shorts, nothing else.


Darkfiber2520d ago

Sex sells to nerds. Accept it, it will never change. I think I am one of the few people in the world who doesn't find computer graphics sexually attractive and think it's pathetic when other people do, but hey, just my opinion.

Crystallis2520d ago

Thats on of the best post Ive read on N4G...well said..bubbles!

MintBerryCrunch2520d ago

talk about your prototypical toothpick model

that would be a terribad female Shepard

Getowned2520d ago

i agree cgoodno,when will they learn girls can still be hot with out showing there ass and boobs every where like alyx vance shes hot and she's bad ass and dressing normaly and not slutty,i hate that outfit as well you would think she would look like a professional soilder and not like some one from the cast of space whores,i really don't like how she looks in general shes really fake looking.take note from valve bioware.

nickjkl2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )



when will we get over the fact that if a woman shows some sexuality your not automatically a slut or a sex object

and that currently women with curves are the most desired of women

just like back in the day where women with curves were just deemed as fat and not as much wanted

anyway we can have males express there sexuality but its okay because they fit the model of buff male soldier fighting a war but as soon as a woman does oh no shes just being slutty

morganfell2519d ago

Another example of the dumbing down of Mass Effect. Just like Dragon Age, we see gameplay with depth and impact traded for adolescent distractions. RPG mechanics give way to simple cover mode shooting and RPG intricacies and storytelling are supplanted by hopeful schoolboy Sears catalog nudity.

I enjoy sex and likely more than most and it has a place in certain games. But it should enhance a title, not trample the cannon, detract from the immersion (as stated above Shepard is a soldier) or replace core elements of the game.

Christopher2519d ago

***when will we get over the fact that if a woman shows some sexuality your not automatically a slut or a sex object***

So, let me get this straight. A made-up woman going into battle with aliens and wearing next to no protection while showing a lot of cleavage is a sign of a woman showing her sexuality and not the artist viewing her as a sex object?

This isn't about a real woman showing her figure and being proud of it, this is about people creating artwork for the sole purpose of selling the female figure and not how a woman would really look in battle.

I don't see artwork of Shepard in a speedo or wearing tight muscle shirts or in poses made to show off his sexual appeal.

gamingdroid2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

I don't know, but I'm kind of liking it!

Although you make a reasonable point, I'm sick of tired of these constant battles of what it should and what it shouldn't be. Sexualized or not!

I mean, aren't all main characters handsome/pretty, slim perfect body/muscular and so on in games? Male or female?

Do we have to get these ugly looking characters? After all, I have to stare at it for some time. I mean, Bioware needs some serious help with their characters, because the male Shepard does not look good and neither did the female.

but yeah, I doubt that cleavage is bulletproof. :D

Liqvid2519d ago

If I wanted to look at a super sexy girl wielding a gun I could just go shooting with my lovely girlfriend. :P

Septic2519d ago

I agree cgoodno. But are you saying you wouldn't. You know you would.

CrimsonEngage2519d ago

If i want something more real i'll just go do my wife.

DaTruth2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

My male Sheppard ended up looking exactly like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Those character creation tools don't look the same in game, as when you're building the character.

I personally would expect her to look like capt. Janeway, when I think of someone exploring the galaxy fighting aliens, that's what comes to mind.

Any man or woman who is a soldier or superhero is likely gonna be physically fit at least. I can't imagine anyone spending any reasonable time running and fighting if they're out of shape!

Christopher2519d ago

***I agree cgoodno. But are you saying you wouldn't. You know you would.***

I'm a married man who actually finds his wife attractive and doesn't need anything else. So, no, I wouldn't.

Septic2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

It was tongue in cheek mate. I'm aware of the fact that she doesn't exist. Was your wife standing over your shoulder as you typed that? :D


drosera12519d ago

If all the politically correct people had their way, then most female protagonists in games would be fat and androgynous. What the hell is wrong with a female looking good in a game or otherwise? I am so sick of fat women/feminists/lesbians moaning about better looking, thinner women. My wife is slim and sexy and is a victim of this cattiness all the time. And guys, a female is not slutty if she wears a small bikini to the beach, or tight low-rise jeans to a party or social event, grow up, there's a BIG difference between sexy and slutty. Also, i'm sick of these guys who defend women at every turn. Look, you're not going to score points with females because you pretend that you are all "into" women's rights and feminist ideals, please dude?! Women don't need you to defend them.

I must admit though, i think this Shepard isn't that good, the standard N7 armour, ala Ashley, is great.

Christopher2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

***If all the politically correct people had their way, then most female protagonists in games would be fat and androgynous.***

This isn't about PC, but about selling women as they would fit into the role and not just for their sexual tone.

A beautiful woman can serve as a soldier or a police officer, many do now, but I highly doubt they would ever go into battle wearing something as depicted in the original article.

While I understand sex sells, sell it in the right way. There are already sex scenes in the game and moments when casual clothing that can be revealing is worn, keep that sort of thing there. In battle? You wear what protects you best and not what gets some teenager excited.

Hell, Not sure why people care about how hot and sexy she looks when only 18% of people played a female Shepard in ME1 to begin with.

***Was your wife standing over your shoulder as you typed that?***

I know that's intended in jest, but I don't need my wife standing over my shoulder to show her and other women respect. Perhaps my mother just raised me different? Of course, I've been told before that the "Internet isn't for serious business," something I disagree with since I feel that expressing my honest opinion is just as important here as it is face-to-face.

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egidem2520d ago

I don't somehow like her face. She seems...old?!?

Rashonality2519d ago

exactly, and the tattoos ain't helping either.

egidem2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

In my opinion, starting to choose and market a female version of Shepard is a bit too late, don't you think? I mean, if you meet Mark Vanderloo (Shepard's male model) like on a street walking by you'll immediately think of the words "Holy shit it's Commander Shepard!".

He's iconic, because he's featured in front of every Mass Effect game release. He's the default Shepard version. If they do choose a female version and you do meet her chances are might not recognize her, at first.

If they release a female model, good for them, but people will go

"Who the F is she?"
"Shepard, the female model"
"Really? I didn't know she existed!"

ChrisW2519d ago

Actually the face is MUCH better than any of those other FemSheps that looked like Russian whores. However the tatoos need to go! I don't know why everyone insists on putting tatoos in their character creation!

DrJones2519d ago

She resembles Lara flynn boyle. Which is a veery good thing. Seriously, your on to teenagers or something?

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kreate2520d ago

i understand u guys want a realistic, mature, older shepard that fits the mass effect story better.

but i rather see a hot 21-25 yr old looking white chick with semi-sexy sci-fi space outfit.

and i dont like the one from the above pic. just my opinion.

JsonHenry2519d ago

I don't care what the female Shepard looks like. Playing a game as a female character has never been something I liked doing and will not do if given a choice. I'm not sexist, I swear..

gamingdroid2519d ago


Personal preference, but yeah me too.

However, if I have to look at it, I prefer what is shown.

Cmpunk2519d ago

sorry but whats with all the hype around mass effect it might be my opinion but the game is jagged the graphics are i admit fantastic but the gameplay get's booring and the character's arn't memorable but that was my experience i only played an hour and returned the game maybe it's not my type of game but it's certianlly overatted

princejb1342519d ago

i think video games will sell better with a lot of females in bikinis

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Merivigian2520d ago

I like the blonde one that won, it didn't scream "MAN!".

mobijoker2520d ago

Fans are always the best.....Bioware should include this as femShep or atleast release a mod tool to enable people to add designs like this.

Dsavage2520d ago

They should remove the hole at her chest. She's trying to save the world, not trying to spice up her love life with a bit of role play. If they did that, it would be better than the ones they showed. Although i do like the version that won.

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