Twisted Metal: A Look At The Vehicles And Weapons

It's a big listing of both the available vehicles and weapons in Twisted Metal; old favorites and new stuff abound! I kinda miss Warthog, though.

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Abash2428d ago

Cannot wait for this game! October 4th guys

Septic2428d ago

October 4th can't come sooner. Is there a game more bad-ass than this?

I think not!

Dart892428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

* Is there a game more bad-ass than this?

Yes and it's called???


Flashwave_UK2428d ago

that game was fkn hard i gave up after lv3 dam it.

Der_Kommandant2428d ago

Shadow, Spectre, Crimson Fury, Outlaw, Warthog, Darkside, Roadkill

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