The Baconing Images Look Good Enough to Eat - GotGame

Arriving fresh off the grill these new images from the next installment in the Deathspank series of games known simply as The Baconing are chock full of greasy, fatty and oh-so-salty justice. Not only are we hooking you up with a look at some of the Spanksters new armors, but Bob from marketing has stopped by to let you scope out two of the seven weapons of justice that our hero will be using in his adventure. Bob assures me that they’ve been put through rigorous market testing and have been highly rated by key demographics, so they must be good.

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DistrictMime2552d ago

LMAO, Pot of Gold shoulder pads?

Perjoss2552d ago

DeathSpank is a great series, at times it almost doesn't even feel like a download title, with its good length and great humour and voice acting.

I'm sure those shoulder pads are a pisstake of WoW, what is it with the shoulder pads in that game anyway...

banjadude2552d ago

I have bought all Deathspank games and DLC on Day 1 release. The Baconing DLC will be no different!