Top 25 Games to Play Before Summer Is Over (#20 - #16) - GameZone

GameZone continues its Top 25 Games to Play Before Summer is Over with Part 2, #20-#16.

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TheSanchezDavid2491d ago

Another great set of picks. This list made me want to play through Resident Evil 5 all over again. =P

athmaus2491d ago

Another good selection. Loved me some UNcharted 2...can't wait for 3 to be released :)

DemonStration2491d ago

Good call on Abe. Stranger's Wrath HD is going to be great!

kramun2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Yeah, I bought Stranger's Wrath HD/The Oddboxx on Steam a few months ago, great game.

NanoSoldier2491d ago

just finished Gears 2 again. Amazing game.

lance422491d ago

I should go back and play gears 2 again. will definitely put that on my list of things to do.

TomFG2489d ago

Too many games, nowhere near enough time.