Battlefield 3 alpha tester in trouble for leaking gameplay videos

Product-Reviews writes: It turns out that a tweet by DICE’S Global Battlefield Community Manager referred to a gamer who published Battlefield 3 alpha videos, so don’t be too surprised if they are removed from YouTube pretty soon. You can see a brief extract of a conversation we had with DICE’s community manager, and as you can see DICE are very unhappy that musa920217 ignored Alpha’s non-disclosure agreement. When you sign up to the Battlefield 3 alpha you have to agree terms and conditions.

What do you think about ignorant gamers leaking alpha gameplay footage, do you think it has a massive impact on a games success?

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Inside_out2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

I don't see what the big deal is. Sure, the video's look quite bad, especially considering they are PC and on high settings...

...but with only 11 weeks or so till launch, why are they so upset??? The truth was going to come out eventually and it even forced EA-Dice to release their own multi-player trailers.

What is really interesting to me is that EA-Dice said that the multi-player and single player will look the same...O_o...maybe THAT is the problem. :/

TrevorPhillips2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )


Here's the difference between Alpha and Beta:

Generally, an alpha test is performed by the programmers themselves to ensure they got everything right in their eyes.

a beta test is the second phase of software testing in which a sampling of the intended audience tries the product out and gives feedback.

iamnsuperman2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

So its an sort of open Alpha build that gamers try and comment on it so it is improved for the beta which gamers do the same thing to improve for the retail game

edit: "Generally, an alpha test is performed by the programmers themselves to ensure they got everything right in their eyes." The how come I got a code for being a EA community member. It just sounds like a beta test in disguise.

tdrules2577d ago


the gamers that are in the alpha are encouraged to comment in the private alpha forums.

everyone in the alpha has signed a contract/NDA, if you break it you should be held accountable simple as that

HK62577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Incorrect. Alpha and Beta are terms used in the video gaming industry to indicate milestones in the game's development. Alpha is widely considered to be the "first playable" and can contain some crash bugs and lots of other bugs. Beta is considered to be "content complete" and should have no crashes but can still have lots of lower level bugs.

EDIT - Just for clarification, content complete means that the content of the game is in and will not change very much (if at all) but there are still things like visual improvements and gameplay tweaks to be done.

danswayuk2577d ago

Why have a non-disclosure agreement if those that sign it can just leak videos? They have to act on leaks, just as any other developer would.

SJPFTW2577d ago

LOL alot of graphical settings are turned off in the alpha, especially destruction. DICE is only afraid retards like you dont know what an alpha build is and bitch and whine on the internet to other gullible fools

Cpt_kitten2577d ago

if thats the alpha then the actual game is gonna blow minds

this already is better than any call of duty game and its in alpha??? awesome

BeastlyRig2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

go play mw3...

egidem2577d ago

Oh damn...looks like Dice did somehow get hold of the reaction leaks video, the one where a guy kicks the shit out of the fax machine!

BubbleSniper2577d ago

it's the alpha, you lab experiment.

had it been the Beta MW3 would look like an SNES game compared to the might of BF3's visuals, nevermind the gameplay since that already blows MW3 into the farthest galaxy.

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TrevorPhillips2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

That's what you get for doing something stupid.

Anyhow, looking forward to BF3 :)

By the way, here's my respond to the guy:

danswayuk2577d ago

Being part of the Battlefield 3 alpha is cool, but do not be stupid. You sign up to a non-disclosure agreement, so enough said.

MidnytRain2577d ago

This is interesting because awhile back, I read an article in Game Informer on how the vast majority of people don't read terms of agreement for video games or other recreational software. I myself adopted a "just play it" attitude in fear of getting in trouble.

junk3d2577d ago

Did anyone not see this coming? As much as I am happy that he leaked it, he should've saved it for himself and not get himself in so much trouble.

CaptainMarvelQ82577d ago

do they honestly send invites to random people and expect them not to leak anything?

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