EA Sports 'Looking To Publish Indie Games'

NowGamer: EA Sports will consider publishing games by indie studios according to Senior Vice President Andrew Wilson.

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Inside_out2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

...the contract will stipulate that they will have first dibs for any future games and if the game sell well, they will collect a bigger share of the pie with each additional sale.

EA want to try and trap and creative dev or app that has the potential to turn into a Angry Birds type of phenomena.

" Social interactivity is a big area for EA a the moment "...'s a big area for EVERYONE and the competition is fierce. EA acting like they want to empower people is a load of EA BS...they are only interested in finding a hidden gem before the next guy.

skyward2545d ago

Indies still deal with EA partners though...

Bolts2545d ago

Why would they NOT want do this? If there's money to be made EA would be all over it. The only problem is if it's an EA game then it'll no longer come with an indie price. How popular would Angry Birds be if it cost $7?

nightmarex1212545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

No body here can take inside out serious because he troll on every article with big wall of text.

Of course they want to find the next big thing, that's a no brainier, every company want it. that's why they invest their own money hoping something big can come out it.

Companies are moving to social game because thats where the market is going, that is where the game industry is going,and every developer talks how gaming industry is changing. Thats why like epic and insomniac they are making iphone and web apps games. Hardcore market is shrinking and you constantly loosing money with hardcore titles after hardcore titles so its a no brainier to go where the money is at.

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thebudgetgamer2545d ago

that's the biggest oxymoron i've ever seen. way worse than jumbo shrimp.