DoubleSix Officially Announce 'All Zombies Must Die!'

DoubleSix moments ago announced their new title 'ALL ZOMBIES MUST DIE!' which they describe as a 'Tongue-In-Cheek Multiplayer Zombie Slaying Action Game'

This new title will be released on PS3 and PC towards the end of 2011.

Take a look at their official press release below for more information:

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JohnnyMann4202461d ago

We all like Zombies, but for godsakes how many zombie games do we really need? Getting really old now.

Rynx2461d ago

Doublesix? Didn't they do Burn Zombie Burn?

Quagmire2461d ago

Zombie GAMES must die. I hate this contemporary fasciantion with anything and everything Zombies and Vampires.

Where is the good ol' fashion Dinosaur game when you need one?

thrashermario2461d ago

give me more zombies every were give me amy winehouse zombie to shoot in the face