The DCUO Show – Issue #2

In this week’s issue of The DCUO Show, Paul (Dead Fury) reveals the release date for the upcoming “Fight for the Light” DLC and gives an in-depth description of the new tier 3 PVE and tier 2 PVP gear, coming in update #4. After Paul (Dead Fury) discusses 3 important parts of the game, Feats, Skill Points and Leagues. Please leave a comment, email the show with any questions or shout-outs, follow @TheDCUOShow on Twitter and “Like” The DCUO Show Facebook fan page.

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maxcavsm2399d ago

There's another DCUO DLC coming out? No kidding...thought the game would be tits up by this point.

ElementX2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Do people still play DCUO? I played for a couple weeks, then forgot to cancel in time and paid for a month I didn't even use.

BlackTar1872399d ago

I still play all the time. Im addicted to the feat system which really makes it deep for me.

Can anyone post the release date?

iXenon2399d ago

Something's telling me their "release date" isn't real. I doubt we'd first hear it second hand from a fan's podcast than from SOE themselves in a formal press release