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Submitted by SuperZambezi 1659d ago | opinion piece

What if Nintendo Bought Banjo Kazooie?

When Rare released Banjo Kazooie on the Nintendo 64 back in the summer of 1998, players discovered a new franchise worthy of being placed in the ranks of Mario and Zelda. The game was quickly followed up with a sequel, Banjo Tooie, less than two years later. As the popularity for the series grew, so did the excitement for Nintendo’s next console, the Gamecube. Rare was quick to start on a third installment of the series for the new system, but news of a buyout by Mircosoft began to run wild throughout the internet. Rare was indeed bought out by Microsoft, taking all it’s franchises (save for Donkey Kong) and assets with it. Since then Rare has released quite a few games like Kameo: Elements of Power, Viva Pinata and Grabbed by Ghoulies, but most notable was their 2008 release of Banjo Kazooie: Nut and Bolts. The game scored favorable reviews and played great, but the game didn’t resonate well with many fans of the series because of the immense change in gameplay. With Rare’s recent release of Kinect Sports and their upcoming sequel Kinect Sports: Season 2, many wonder if the Banjo Kazooie series will ever receive a true a Banjo Kazooie successor. (3DS, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Kazooie 4, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, Dev, GameCube, Industry, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Retro, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360)

Kamikaze135  +   1660d ago
It would have actually been fun
Xof  +   1659d ago
For once, I don't have to skim down through 20 replies to find someone capable of stating the blindingly obvious.

Good show.
NukaCola  +   1659d ago
Clearly if Nintendo didn't sell RARE, the quality of their games would be much better.
Venox2008  +   1660d ago
I want that Ninty would buy .......... CONKER!!!! :)
jacksonmichael  +   1660d ago
I said this a couple days ago. It should definitely happen - even if they only use him as a Smash Bros character.
A7XEric  +   1659d ago
To be honest that's actually one IP of Microsoft's that I feel is really underutilized, especially since Live & Reloaded did fairly well critically and commercially. It plays much more to Microsoft's main demographic than Nintendo's.
MasterCornholio  +   1659d ago
Nintendo should have been the ones to buy Rare not Microsoft. Microsoft hurt rare a lot with their descisions to have them focus on Kinect development.
A7XEric  +   1659d ago
I'd love for Nintendo just to buy back Rare all together, or at the very least just rehire all of the former key employees under a new studio name
jacksonmichael  +   1659d ago
I read somewhere that that is basically what Retro is. I, as usual, have no idea, though.
earbus  +   1659d ago
What if stupid articles didnt exist?
mcstorm  +   1659d ago
There are alot of games rare had on the original Xbox ide love to see them do. I think we will see a few of them back when MS release there next console because even though they had some amazing games on the original Xbox it did not help push sales because of the ps3 selling so well. That is why MS has put those games a side this Gen and why we had so many core games at the beginning of the 360. As they needed to get the core to buy the console and now they have done this they have opened it up to the rest of the none core gamers. So to me when the next Xbox comes out I think it will have a lineup more like the original Xbox than the 360 as the Xbox name is bigenough to be known by everyone and can be a all round console just like the Playstation and Nintendo consoles.
triforce  +   1659d ago
I agree that it would have made for another top tier Nintendo franchise. We haven't seen a new "breakthrough" Nintendo franchise since Pokemon.
thebudgetgamer  +   1659d ago
they would release it on one of their platforms.
D0ffy  +   1659d ago
Would've been one of the best things to ever happen in a very long time. Bring Banjo back to his roots please!

Not saying Nuts & Bolts is a bad game, but the N64 Banjo & Kazooie (and Tooie for that matter) are on my top 3 of all-time favorite games. Would love to see a new one being a great platformer like in the old days.
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WhiteLightning  +   1659d ago
Nintendo should buy Banjo and make a true Banjo Threeie while Sony should buy Conker and make an amazing single player/multiplayer game.
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Mario4life  +   1659d ago
buy banjo and give it to retro :) and wii u release and 3ds game
ChickeyCantor  +   1659d ago
Why are people so delusional when it comes to buying a franchise.
With out the original people behind it its not the game you could ever wish for.

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