Madden NFL 12 won't include new CBA rules, will launch with updated rosters

XMNR: Now that the NFL lockout is over a new set of rules guiding how free agency, drafting and other player transactions are in place. Unfortunately, these new rules won't be included in Madden NFL 12 as EA Sport explains.

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NyGiants72545d ago

Hopefully it's in a FREE update....

Queasy2545d ago

Yes. Roster updates are always free. They'll be doing them throughout the NFL season.

NyGiants72544d ago

No I meant I hope they update it with the new CBA rules

Queasy2544d ago

@NyGiants7: No, they said they couldn't even do it in a patch. Will have to wait for Madden 13 for the new CBA rules.

dinkeldinkse2544d ago

Because there has been alot of player movement in the last couple of days.