Study Shows Big Differences in US Online Gaming Quality

Report: "A study of data collected by Pando Networks, the content delivery provider for popular free-to-play and online games such as League of Legends, Lord of the Rings Online and Maple Story, today revealed striking disparities in the quality of web access across America.

By tracking downloads by 4 millions gamers’ game and patch downloads across the country from January through June 2011, Pando Networks’ study revealed that some cities are averaging connectivity speeds as much as ten times faster than those in other cities."

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GunShotEddy2579d ago

People have different internet speeds? wha wha? duh

charlescox42579d ago

There are some VERY rural areas in the US where I think some people still get onto Maple Story using dial up.

sphinct2579d ago

I happened to road trip through Pocatello Idaho last week. I'm not surprised they have slow internet. Nice place but pretty rural. Luckily, I'm in a big city and average over 12 mgb\second :)

ShyGuy132579d ago

Well Maple Story isn't hard to run. Thank god, my internet speed is garbage!

Larry L2579d ago

I actually live in Rhode Island, and while I didn't know we actually had THE fastest internet in the country, I figured we had to be pretty high up. Pretty much all the lines have been changed over to fiber-optic, so our cable providers have all been able to switch over to a full fiber optic service (meaning right from their hub to your cable box/modem, all fiber optic, no coax at all). This makes the biggest speed difference I would think.

Not to mention Rhode Island as a whole is smaller than SOME cities. The less distance from you to the hub, the better for your internet speed obviously.

Plus, from what I've heard, Verizon FiOS, which many people in RI have, is THE fastest internet in the country.

I'm always surprised when I hear PS3 and 360 gamers talking about a 1-1.5Gb demo taking 2-3 hours to download. It's 8-15 minutes for me, depending on how my internet is performing that day (I'm wireless and far from router, so it varies). Sometimes I think they're just internet trolls making isht up or exaggerating to make Live or PSN look bad, but I guess some of them are telling the truth.

All I know is, Rhode Island sucks. It's rediculously expensive to live, there's NOTHING to do to keep you occupied or have fun. and the government is a bunch of self serving, corrupt as hell, reptilian democrats.......... but at least we have some fast internet.