Lockwood does the robot this week in Playstation Home

The Iron Fusion Mechjets can transform and are capable of becoming fully operational jets to zoom around at high speed.

Male Mechjets Acer, Flourish and Vandal can suspend themselves in shimmering force fields, perform incredible sonic leaps and employ their jet engines to hover above the ground while retaining their Mech form. Female Mechjets Nema, Quartz and Plasmaya also have force field generating capabilities, along with a ninja battle program and the ability to create and levitate a light orb.

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Godmars2902550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

I actually may have to get all of those...

Though it would be better if they came with or you could play a game in home using those "outfits."

mrmancs2550d ago

transformerrss , robots in disguise! lol