Team 17 Announce 'Worms: Ultimate Mayhem'

Team 17 have announced 'Worms: Ultimate Mayhem' - a souped up, re-vamped high definition reimagining of both Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem, bringing both titles together into one package via the Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and Steam.

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TrevorPhillips2580d ago

Day 1 buy. Always loved Worms :)

WhiteLightning2580d ago

Will this be availble for retail because I'm sick at most of these HD games getting Arcade/PSN releases?....I havent got the space to spare.


lucifon2580d ago

Press release just speaks about it as a "collector's edition digital package" so I'd say probably not. Sorry!

fooxy2579d ago

Fuck it ! You know whats the problem ? Worms games usually are followed by tons of patches, like the last title which totaled 16 (so far)... and that's the problem they never made to consoles editions.

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