Firmware 2.00: The Thoughts of PS3 Owners

Onaxis writes: "There has been quite some controversy over the recent detail release of tomorrow's 2.00 firmware update. If you've been keeping tabs on comments over at the official PlayStation.Blog post for the update, you'll notice a lot of unhappy faces".

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bym051d4054d ago

My thoughts? It's a horrible feature addition for a big time version change.

mighty_douche4054d ago

i know sony didnt promise anything, including in-game XMB, but with so much hype buzzing around for so long, i would of liked sony to of squashed some of these rumours, otherwise we build it up so high, when it comes its never enough.

Ps3Fanboy7774054d ago

Its your fault for reading stupid ass sites like this and believing the BS people post.

Im a Ps3 owner and the news feed is freakin great, now I dont have to come here!

What does the 360 have in terms of any of this? The fact you can listen to music? Whoo Hoo score... Enjoy those advertisements.

BrianC62344054d ago

If they didn't believe every stupid RUMOR on the Web they wouldn't be so mad. Sony never promised the updates people are upset about. There was just a bunch of rumors saying certain features would be part of 2.00. I do think this update should be number 1.95 though. It isn't enough to go up to 2.00.

EZCheez4054d ago

Sony DID promise something as soon as they showed footage of in game XMB access years ago. They never promised it with any specific firmware update, but showing that your console is capable of doing something as specific as this is as good as a promise. I am with you 100% on this one and I don't see how so many people get off acting like we should be grateful just to get an update.

How can anyone say that in-game messaging to friends is a bad thing? And furthermore, how can anyone say we shouldn't expect it 1 YEAR AFTER RELEASE from this console when others have been doing it for two years now? Has no else seen the video of Phil Harrison demonstrating this from long ago?

Anyone on here telling people to calm down obviously does not play any online game with anyone on their friends list, because it is a HUGE pain going in and out of a game to coordinate. Take the blinders off guys. It's okay to be pissed off. If you'll never use the option, that's one thing, but don't expect people that want it to shut up until they get it.

mighty_douche4054d ago

the only reason i can see that we dont have it, is sony is having problems with the OS footprint, or they dont wanna give us much so when home drops with all these features it'll be something really SPECIAL, and maybe help get a few more people running to the stores.

deadshark14054d ago

1 is in game xmb in this firmware 2.0 and 2 nice picture ikkokucrisis

razer4054d ago

"What does the 360 have in terms of any of this? The fact you can listen to music? Whoo Hoo score... Enjoy those advertisements"

Actually, the 360 has all of these functions and has since launch. The advertisements you speak of are %99 game related or related to the 360 platform. It's not like I'm being forced to watch McDonalds commercials or something.

PopEmUp4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

that what you pay for. I mean paying 50 bucks a year to enjoy advertisement that great, btw I thought paying for something like online isn't it suppose to be ads free not full of ads right?

Back to topic

This is a great update but it a bit disappointed since the rumor are hyping about this update, but oh well it great update anyway since Sony hasn't promise anything about in games xmb access so just cheer up you guys

fusionboxer4054d ago

In all honesty I'm happy with the update. Wait don't leave yet!

The reason I'm happy is because i'm in the extremely small percentage of ps3 owners who use the remote play feature on a daily basis.

Another reason I'm happy (well more like content) with the update is because I know for a fact that this isn't the last update. We'll get more updates soon and i'm sure everything people want will soon be implemented.

If not the 360 has what equates to an in game xmb, and background music plus many of the other features ps3 owners want so you could mess with that to tide you over, but...

Then again if your a ps3 owner then stick tight cause i know more great things are coming soon.

TheExecutive4054d ago

Bubbles for you EZCheez... One year after the release of this console, its ok to start being pissed off because of no in-game xmb... just because it wasnt straight out promised doesnt mean it wasnt expected. It should have come with this update..

I have a feeling that this was supposed to be the HOME update and now we wont be seeing in-game XMB until spring '08 when HOME releases. This is extremely disappointing and the fanboys ought to take their blinders off. Fanboys are exactly whats wrong with this industry. A bunch of blind "I will do anything for you" chumps that think a brand can do no wrong, NO WONDER CHANGE IS SLOW.

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aaquib54054d ago

PS3 owners are pissed, and Sony should be embarrassed. Sure, a few people will say "Sony never promised in-game XMB for 2.0." That's the problem, though. They didn't step in and break the rumours allowing them to escalate. They're still not giving us an update on in-game XMB. Sony's only response on the blog was "We're evaluating what features to add to the PS3." Pathetic, Sony. Pathetic.

unlimited4054d ago

why is people blaming sony that this happen? I know we been begging for it for a long time..but they are working towards it..HOME got everything to do with it..PS3 owner hyped it up and in the end they dissapointed themself..Sony did not promise in game xmb.. you guys got nothing to blame but yourself...and when it does come early next year with HOME you guys should be happy..

Snukadaman4054d ago

"If you don’t like the update leave your ps3 off, and go play the other system Xbot, you obviously only bought a ps3 for in-game XMB, oh wait you can’t play the other system because of RROD leave the blog and don’t come back, those of us who appreciate what we’re given won’t miss you!! AGAIN GREAT UPDATE SONY THX FOR ALL OF THE HARD WORK!!"

this is off the official blog...some people just dont get it...some of you make excuses for sony...its really their fault for having things that should of been in launch...well stop the rumors..say in the blog whats up...they are having problems..instead of letting things get out of hand and having people speculate on upcoming dont think sony has seen these wild speculations on the upcoming 2.00 firmware...someone on the blog said there is no xmb because the memory running with the os would slow the whole thing up..i dont know if thats true but its possible?>

Keyser4054d ago

It's not that serious. So it's not coming out Thursday, does that mean you're not going to get into college? Are you not going to be able to pay the rent this month? Is your mom going to stop cooking dinner?

Sure it should have been on since launch, it's not. They may be trying to get it to work better with Home. They may want to make sure it works flawlessly with all the games previously released. They may have it completed and just want to watch guys on the internet cry like chicks. I don't know but you bought the system anyway and you know they're working on it so why cry like school girls?

Go outside and chop some wood. Go to the gym and lift some weights. Go give your girl the best sex of her life and get all this frustration out.

Good times...

TheExecutive4054d ago

Keyser... no its not devastating, but it is disappointing. People can be upset about an update to the electronic device they bought without it being life altering.

Unlimited: "they are working towards it".... 1 year and no in-game xmb... so when will we receive HOME? 2020?

Keyser4053d ago

I understand the disappointment. I understand that the lack of it is constantly brought up by 360 fans or whoever wants to take a swipe at the PS3 but it's a small disappointment in comparison to a lot of good things about the PS3.
What system had this many hot games it's first year? What system has as much functionality and customization as the PS3? I can't think of one aside from an actual PC.

The lack of some key features of the PS3 is disappointing but it's not like the announcement from Sony was "Phuck it, we've decided it's not worth our time to put it in so...tough" Then I could understand the moans, groans, and outrage. This setback, in my opinion, is not worthy of that. (But I respect your opinion as well)

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Sam Fisher4054d ago

sony should be embarrased that sux is almost like the consumers r democrats and sony is republicans... that sux id rather pay 50$ a yr than to go thru this at least M$ got all this already from the start

bruiser814054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

why do you even care if you dont own the system, it doesnt effect you

edit: well i hope for your sake they add it by that time but lets be serious, it probably wont be added until home comes out. None of us have a choice but to wait, i would like to think theres a good reason they didnt add it. For all we know their current build crashes systems. Think of the flame storm something like that would bring. Sony is in a position where they cant afford to make mistakes so just wait

Sam Fisher4054d ago

cuz im getting 1 in this month or christmas b/c of mgs4 and ff series thats does that answer ur question?

Peekay4054d ago

i swear, so much taken for granted this generation. Did all of you forget what it was like to play games on a Sega, Snes, or Doom on your p.c? We didn't complain as much. - game on

Sam Fisher4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

ppl get bored quick and entertainment is getting harder by the minute nobody is going to play solo games all theyre lives they need to play with ppl... so i completely understand y they r arguing... and besides play doom long and say bye bye to ur vision

@ bottom.... i meant say good bye to ur eyesight. that game is to colorful and too fast and everything is right at ur face even the explosions

Peekay4054d ago

lol! - what do you mean "bye bye to ur vision "

anyways i can see now why some people are pissed. Still i think what i'm tryna say is that i'm happy just to be able to play on line and just to organise a game with my freinds @ a particular time (usually a day before)

fredy4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

"are you kidding me? it took you 6 freaking months to add backgrounds and remote play. bye bye sony. 360 is the way forward it would seem."

Who needs remote play, yeah it's nice but does sony think they have Nintendo DS on their hands with over 50 million sales, and lets not talk about software.

The most powerful console in the world can't have something so simple.
The 360 had many simple functions at birth. Sony you might as well copy xbox live they been there done that, or ask for some help.

should it had taken a firmware to allow backround pictures...come on, now you can change themes and colors of the font and turn on your ps3 remotly providing you have one and a network, and able to leave your ps3 on standby.

@Peekay above most fans on here are around 12-13yr and never played them consoles you speak of..

@SmokeyMcBlunt , smokey remote play is nifty, I never said some will not take advantage but the more important things sony has not given in a year. Here is what one user said about it,

"Having just bought a PSP slim I tried the remote play function the other day. It realy is a waste of space/ Its very slow even on fast links. With 4Gb + memory cards these days why do you need it? Waste of electricity."

Now that's just one but I can't imagine there are more important updates after a year fans would like then remote play when not everyone will or can use that feature but with in-game XMB everyone can enjoy that.

SmokeyMcBear4054d ago

maybe you don't care about the remote play, but i sure as hell do, and maybe the 24 million other psp owners might have something to say about that.

Sam Fisher4054d ago

i got a psp too id love to get my hands on a ps3 and remote play