Multiplayer games can have amazing stories too

BeefJack: "Does a multiplayer game have to be created at the expense of a compelling story? Does storytelling have to get in the way of the frantic play mechanics of an online FPS? The answer to both questions is ‘no’."

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Septic2580d ago

Well this is a bad example in a way, but observe World of Warcraft and its factions: Alliance vs Horde. The ONLY reason I played WOW was because of the PVP battles and I felt an attachment with the Horde and immediately despised the Alliance and those little midgets, and stupid dranaei etc.

I think, for multiplayer games to have stories, it is important that you have a fixed affiliation with the character or group (faction etc) you command. It is also important to distinguish them from the other groups. Once that happens, then you can have a story between these groups which will enhance the effect a story will have on the players.

This is just one way in which I think a story can be implemented into MP games. We haven't really seen this yet so this is an area developers can capitalise on.

*Any developers reading this- I copyright this idea. You want to incorporate this idea in your game? Give meh some monies.

vickers5002578d ago

Just because you lack imagination and creativity, does not mean that others do as well. I'm sure if a 'good' dev tried hard enough and made it their main focus, then they could craft a multiplayer experience with an amazing story.

Quagmire2578d ago

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call me when ANY multiplayer game has a better story than say...Marvel Vs Capcom 3