EA: Wii U can do "anything" PS3, 360 can

Eurogamer: "Newly received dev kits have increased EA Sports' belief that Wii U can do "anything" that PS3 and Xbox 360 can do, vice president Andrew Wilson informed Eurogamer."

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aviator1892579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

It probably can, but it'd be more impressive if the wii u could technically better the ps3 and 360 by a considerable amount rather than just keeping up with them as 360 and ps3 have been on the market for years now.

Abash2579d ago

That's nice EA, but what happens when the PS4 and 720 are out? Nintendo should have made a console that noticeable outperforms the PS3 and 360 to be closer to a next gen console than a current gen one

sphinct2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Really? I wanna see the Wii U play my Blu-ray collection.

I guess that statement wasn't true after all. Nothing like equaling five-year-old technology. Way to excell, Nintendo!

RedDragan2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Guys, all your comments go against what put Wii into first place this generation. Except sphict on the blu-ray part I suppose, does Wii U not do blu-ray?

thelogicking2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

can people just wait for the DAMN console to be released?
you dont EVEN know the full spec!!!

all people always whine about how they dont care about graphics and and all that bullshit, but when nintendo slaps you with innovation in the face you say (teh graphixez!)

where are the people that say graphics doesnt matter but it is teh gamez!!! or thats only apply when we are talking consoles vs pc?

gamingdroid2579d ago

I expect it to be significantly more powerful. Otherwise, how do you compete? Why bother with a new system that is missing:

a) a recent history with core gamers

b) no real history of online network

c) a large game library

Especially if it is a system that is likely to be more expensive than $300-400.

That said, that Zelda footage indicated this system will be at a minimum a small meaningful leap over PS3/Xbox 360.

whitezagetsu712579d ago

graphics dont matter look at duke nukem it had great graphics but it sucked balls...........,the PC isnt all that great its just a premature state for new consoles the PS3 and 360 are only as limited as the PC they were built on.

Parapraxis2579d ago

"duke nukem it had great graphics "
Thanks man, I needed a laugh!

thugbob2579d ago

So if Nintendo's next console after the Wii U, lets call it the Wii U2, were to revert back to super nintendo graphics, but came up with innovation in gameplay you would be ok with that new system right? graphics don't matter? don't care about the graphics?

HAF9122579d ago

i agree with you logic king. personally for me, graphics matter which is why i have a good gaming PC.

i have a ps3 for some other games, but pc is preferred platform.

console only owners are only concerned about graphics its seems. if thats the case you people are gaming on the wrong platform.

TenkoTAiLS2579d ago

I totally agree, more oftern than not I would rather play a classic old game than a new one, there are a few goodies, but a lot of new games lack the imagination and great gameplay of the old games, they are copies of other games or are drab and boring, but who cares if it looks that good right? When I sit down and play Chrono Trigger, Soul Reaver, Sonic 3, or Super Mario Bros 3, or old PC games like Star Control 2, Doom, Ultima Underworld 2 etc. I'm not thinking about graphics, I don't care if they are dated or don't look like awesome anymore, they are great games, with replayability, that are still great 10, 20, 25 years on. Graphics don't matter, they get dated very quickly, what lasts and is really important is the gameplay and the fun you get out of it. If you can go back to a game in 25 years and still think it's good without going ugh, that is a good game!

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pain777pas2579d ago

Exactly. What about the notion of doing more than the PS3 and 360?

Knushwood Butt2579d ago

Can the PS3 + PS Vita do everything the Wii U can do?

kreate2579d ago

nintendo is about making money. and they are smart.

they stay 1 generation behind. and still extract the most money from the consumers. how can any shareholder complain?

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Septic2579d ago

Well considering this console is being released 5+ years after the 360/PS3- surely this isn't really a good thing.

Instead, shouldn't it be the case that the Wii U can do MUCH more than what the PS3 and 360 can do?

BABY-JEDI2579d ago

I totally agree, if it's just on par with PS3 & 360 then what a waste of time Nintendo's contribution to the console industry is.
Ps I have a Wii, it's a great dust gathering machine

Septic2579d ago

Same here. My Wii is gathering dust.

I'm willing to be a lot of people's Wii's are too.

ConstipatedGorilla2579d ago

Why all the disagrees with baby-jedi? Are people really still playing their Wiis? This thing is going to flop. People were bamboozled last time by the Wii's gimmicky remote, they won't fall for it twice. I'm not even buying Skyward Sword because I can't stand the gamecube quality graphics. What a waste.

RedDragan2578d ago

My girlfriend still plays on the Wii. And so do her friends. Their arses looks awesome when they play it, why the heck would I want to complain about the Wii? It is the only real chance I get to perv over my missus' mates without her noticing.

BABY-JEDI2577d ago

@ Red Dragon, that is a real good reason for having a Wii. My missus got the Wii for exercise reasons (not that she's out of shape) but boredom kicked in pretty quick for her LoL ; (

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Wizziokid2579d ago

wow it's keeping up with 5 year old tech.. great job nintendo!

Drekken2579d ago

Always giving us gamers what we want!

Fishy Fingers2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

They've given more gamers what they want this gen than MS or Sony. Wii has showed theres more to games than just the visuals.

Wizziokid2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

I'm sorry but Nitnendo have not given more than Sony or MS for me, I would consider myself a 'core' gamer and the titles on the Wii don't interest me one bit.

that is apart from zelda, mario and smash bros.

I agree visuals don't make a game, Nintendo targeted families this gen and that's not the kind of gameplay I want

Drekken2578d ago

Same here wizz, some gamers like Fishy feel like they have... and thats okay. I remember that feeling when I was 12.

TenSteps2579d ago

Can they play Sony or Microsoft's 1st party games?

There's such a thing as an MS 1st party game?

jacen1002579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

yea how much more? in what department? it can do allot more when it comes to game controls and using the second screen, as for visuals id say its ahead of them also, but to be honest we are not going to see visuals way beyond current gen if it pumps out TRUE 1080 vissuals that will be enough because next 360 ps machines wont be doing anything better i would assume, gone are the days were u see a massive visuals jump .
id say the wii U can pump out 360 ps3 visuals with with power to spare , its like saying a mini can do anything a ferrari can do , without getting into detail yea sure it can it can drive from here to there and turn corners, but if u get into the detail can the mini do 180mph, NO lol!!

nickjkl2579d ago

your not making any sense

jacen1002579d ago

come at me with something then or keep your 1 liner to yourself

kreate2579d ago

whether u make sense or not ... that last part with the mini gave me a good laugh. thanks.