Avault: Tomb Raider PS3 preview

It seemed like a moment of deja vu this past winter when it was revealed that there would be yet another entry into the 15 year-old Tomb Raider series. The announcement was accompanied by reasons for why this game was going to be the return of Lara, but somehow they all seemed eerily familiar, recalling things that had been said about Lara’s previous 8 sequels. As Avault's Turks walked into Square’s demo room to see what Lara’s new adventure had in store, he had few expectations. When he walked out, he was convinced that Lara was finally back and that next year’s Tomb Raider would be the game that fans have been waiting for.

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coolfool2398d ago

I'm not sure why everyone says that the Tomb Raider games have been bad for a while because it simply isn't true. Tomb Raider Legend has a metacritic of 82%. Since when is that considered to be bad? Even Underworld has 80%.

Is it because people hold Tomb Raider in such high regard that anything below 90% is deemed not good enough? If so, why? Why not look at it as it is, a good solid but sometimes flawed aventure game and not worry about what you think it could/should have been?

Legend was classed as a revival and in my mind it acheived that.