Countdown To Mass Effect Kicks Off

As the Nov. 20 launch date for "Mass Effect" for Xbox 360 draws nigh, the threat of an alien rogue force looms ever closer. To help unlock some of the secrets and mysteries of the vast universe in the highly-anticipated action RPG, Microsoft and Yahoo! will debut the exclusive television trailer for the upcoming game on Thursday, Nov. 8.

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socomnick4059d ago


AngryTypingGuy4059d ago

I will be getting this one on day one.

Shaka2K64059d ago

This horrible game makes me so happy i dont own a x360 and dont plan to ever.

AngryTypingGuy4059d ago

Unless ME2 and ME3 come to PS3, in which case it will be the best franchise ever, right?

ichimaru4059d ago

so shaka your here becuase???????/ oh right

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