Director Dwight Little Admits Namco Bandai Wasn’t Involved in Tekken Movie

Hollywood director Dwight Little got his start working on hit action movies like Steven Seagal’s Marked for Death and Rapid Fire with Brandon Lee. These days, he’s behind the lens of some of TV’s most popular shows, including “Bones” and “Castle.” The director worked with Namco Bandai to bring the live action Tekken movie to Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Home Entertainment. Little talks about the new movie and what’s in store for the franchise in this exclusive interview.

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BakedGoods2493d ago

I'm not so sure the game has anything to do with the movie either.

death2smoochie2493d ago

"Director Dwight Little Admits Namco Bandai Wasn’t Involved in Tekken Movie"

Actually not...this is the par of the course for video games turned movie.
Almost ALWAYS the creators of the games are never involved in the making of the movie or they have very little input...It's the reason 99% of those movies turn out to be hulking masses of crap.
This also happened to Max Payne...
Remedy was not involved at all in that movie and the results showed.
God I can list numerous movies that sucked so bad because of this.
Ah Hollywood...all about the money...
Lord help us when the Uncharted Movie can only imagine how that will turn out

Prototype2493d ago

Tekken was the first movie I had to stop watching, it was that bad.

The 1998 anime was the shit, but this movie was shit.

Hozi892493d ago

I agree. I'm glad we're starting to see game developers make their own film adaptations of their games because honestly Hollywood does a shitty job.

I hope that other dev. out there will do the same in the future.

gamingdroid2493d ago

I think it is more than the developer being involved, it is the process of translating a game that isn't intended for movies to be presented as such.

I would imagine it is very difficult to make that transition not to mention, Tekken isn't exactly a ground breaking story that's great for movie adaption.

Quagmire2493d ago

True. The Prince of Persia film had creative input from the original creator, and it turned out to be a pretty decent flick.

Quagmire2493d ago

Despite having some decent fight scenes, the film was an insult.

It wasnt very reassuring when the director said he never played a game before realising what Tekken was, or the fact he has absolutely no interest in games whatsoever, and primarily focuses on film, and he also says his children play games like Madden and Modern Warfare.

Those arent games you want be displaying out in front of fans who truly no how shit those games are.

hilyou2492d ago

like always every video game movie is! please tell me that naughty dog helps neil burger make the uncharted movie!