Why Games Are Getting Cheaper

Despite what those DLC nay-sayers might tell you, gaming’s getting cheaper, in real terms…

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DragonKnight2462d ago

In what world are games getting cheaper? New games still cost $60 with some costing more than that and the few that cost less are only a buck or two under. Games are NOT getting cheaper.

DaveX3602462d ago

Though the cost of new titles may have fluctuated in the US, they've stayed the same here (in the UK) for five years.

DLC, on average, doesn't even cost what inflation should be doing to prices. Hence, they're getting cheaper.

DragonKnight2462d ago

Maybe in the UK they're getting cheaper, but here in Canada they aren't, they aren't in most places.

Ranshak2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

"In what world are games getting cheaper?" says hi.

batman AA currently for 7.5usd GOTY edition ;-)

Most new games are at discounts within 2-3 months of release. on this summer sale i bought games like:

Shogun 2
Warhammer dawn of war 2 retribution
justcause 2
shift 2 unleashed
witcher 2
vampire the masquerade

all for under a 100usd.

DragonKnight2462d ago

Steam is irrelevant to this conversation. Clearly the discussion is about retail games.

Plus "under 100usd" isn't exactly specific nor anything to be happy about.

zeroskie2462d ago

Games are NOT getting cheaper. Amazon, BestBuy, Gamestop and other retailers used to offer pre-order bonus credits in their stores, but now that they have a solid customer base, they aren't doing that anymore. New games aren't even $56.99 anymore, they're full blown $59.99. And now that DLC is a staple in the industry, it's gotten ridiculous, $5.99 for a MvC3 fighter, $13.99 for a BlazBlue fighter. That's 1/3 of the entire cost of the original game!

Just GTFO.

DaveX3602462d ago

If you buy it.

Let's face it, if inflation affected games the way it does almost everything else, your average game should be, what, nearly £60 by now (or about $70).

A lot of folk complain about DLC, but the product it's attached to basically hasn't changed in price in five years.

Where else in life can you find that?

Solidus187-SCMilk2462d ago

well compared to the beginning of the gen. games have started dropping in price faster, and there are alot of older cheap games now too but new games are still 60$ and DLC milking and used tax is getting worse.

but Now you can sometimes get credit or you can wait a month or 2 and get a fairly new game for 20-40. Brink was on sale for 20 yesterday. not the best game but fairly new for 20$.

aquamala2462d ago

Many games released earlier in the year, bulletstorm, dead space 2, brink, you can find on sale for 20-25, I dint remember prices dropping this fast.

Red_Eye2462d ago

I don't think games are launching at an initially lower price than before but I certainly have noticed that games drop in price a LOT quicker these days.

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