Fallout: New Vegas: Old World Blues Review (GPT)

GPT: "Fallout: New Vegas is back with another bit of DLC goodness that gives players another reason to get back into the already impressively large world of the latest Fallout. New Vegas’ predecessor, Fallout 3, kept things going with five different downloadable content packs and the release of Old World Blues already gives New Vegas its third. And based on my time with this latest DLC release, it’s the best of the bunch so far."

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ShyGuy132553d ago

Still waiting for a GOTY before I pick up New Vegas. The wait is killing me though.

MasterD9192553d ago

I don't think its necessary...

*You've got the first 2 DLC's that aren't really worth the money
*New Vegas is currently 19.99 or below (so that's a steal already!)
*Old World Blues is completely worth it
*The next and possibly final DLC may be worth it as well but who knows as of yet.

I say just buy New Vegas as is. I bought the GOTY of FO3 and waited and it was worth it. I just don't feel the same about the GOTY edition of New Vegas which hasn't even been announced yet.