LA Noire dev: PS3 has 'a lot of life left', SPU capability is 'amazing'

There may be a fair bit of industry clamouring for the next generation of consoles - but the creator of one of the most technically impressive games of the year certainly believes PS3 can still achieve more.

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Kurisu2493d ago

The most surprising thing about this is that Team Bondi are, for once, actually acknowledged about being the creators of the game!

theonlylolking2493d ago

Team Bondi pwnd every game rockstar has ever made.

The PS3 IS maxed. The 360 was MAXED when gears 2 came out and the PS3 has been maxed this year.

The PS3 is not exactly as powerful as the 360. If it was then we would be seeing games matching uncharted 2 graphics and all of the physics running at the same time. Instead we get stiff gears of war with almost no physics and it still does not beat uncharted 2.

RAGE will only look good on PC because the screens from the console versions look ugly.(no offence iD fanboys)

Brownghost2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Uncharted is a bunch of smoke and mirrors just a trick now if it was on the pc it would look 2x better thanks to blu ray they were able to make I better

FACTUAL evidence2493d ago

PS3 was already ahead of it's time, and that's why all the fanboys over the other console was like, "We don't need teh pee es tree right now, blah blah blah, we'll settle for mediocrity, and overpriced network fees."

It was funny how people also said blu ray was too much for our times and we just didn't need all that power. Now I see people like Nano trying so hard to say that the ps3 HW isn't beast. For crying outloud, the military used Ps3's for super computers....Sp yeah nano...pretty much the ps3 does everything, including being a super computer apparently.

HebrewHammer2493d ago

You know who DOESN'T have "a lot of life left"?
Team Bondi
Amirite guys, amirite?!

iPad2493d ago

I dont think the PS3 is maxed or close to being maxed out. IMO, I wouldn't be surprised if sometime in the next gaming generation, a game developers makes a game on the PS3 for the hell of it and realizes there's still a lot more power left.

Jocosta2493d ago

Oh my god are you guys brainwashed.

Brownghost2493d ago

Are u an idiot the ps3 maxes years ago an I old as hell developers keep trig their best to hide what the is supposed too look like and use programs for to look better

Brownghost2493d ago

Are you serious the ps3 maxes out years ago and is outdated thanks to blu ray they can make it look better with programs now if you used a high end pc uncharted would be unbelievable you sound like a someone who thinks the pc version of bf3 looks like the ps3

lil Titan2493d ago

ive been saying this but i guess since some knowledgeable developers say it maybe now people will listen

pain777pas2493d ago

We have to see and hear from Sony Santa Monica before we can really get a read on where the PS3 is in terms of being maxed out. I remember an interview with Stig where he said they only started to figure the system out around the completion of the game. I think that we need to see what this heavy weight can do with their next effort. Look at the progression from ND, SP and Insomniac to a lesser extent. You need to get familiar with the system first. GOW3 is still one of the best console games I have ever laid my eyes on.

KingME2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Haha, you PS3 fans love articles like this don't So hilarious to listen to all you proud papas poke your chests out and strut around like a proud peacock simply because some dev made a positive comment.

Here's the funny part, when a dev says positive things, they are smart and they are knowledgeable, but when they make a negative comment, they instantly become dumb and lazy...simply hilarious.

Brownghost2493d ago

Fanboys these days I have a ps3 but ps3 fanboys are the worst I've ever seen

kreate2493d ago

surely u guys forgot how bad it was in 2006-2007.

at least the xbox360 got a clean and fair start.
the PS3 however, had to fight through hordes of unfair journalism, media, and fanboys.

the bash-a-ton of that era had a huge impact on the ps3. yet sony worked their asses off and lost a bunch of money selling off more shares and lived through the economic recession of the 2007s.

u should at least give some credit.

KingME2492d ago

All I can say to that is "WOW"!

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dangert122493d ago

I told you people this already but nope you graphic whores wonna bore man with talk of battlefield visuals and chatting shit about how good rage looks and how the new batman game is something special visually cause of its sense of exploration >.> yeah right

NanoSoldier2493d ago ShowReplies(8)
Fishy Fingers2493d ago

This is already on the homepage. But with a headline like this, what does it matter eh.

Godmars2902493d ago

Is it wrong to feel annoyed to hear that from devs? More so because it doesn't feel like I'm getting the games I want?

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