Secret to a good game is having fun making it – Shadows of the Damned director

What’s the secret to making a good game? Having fun while you’re making it, according to Shadows of the Damned director Massimo Guarini, who says “failure is very rare” when you enjoy your work.

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Septic2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Well the Grant Theft Auto games from Rockstar are considered good games and, from what I've read, the staff at Rockstar were treated like S*1T.

It didn't sound like they enjoyed making the game at all.

thelogicking2582d ago

thats why gta iv is so serious and boring.....

Venox20082582d ago

I wish to the creators of the Shadows of the damned to have some profit from this game.. maybe when price will drop, gamers will buy it... it's such a masterpiece and refreshing... I'm sick of those war games..

maniacmayhem2582d ago

I have to disagree. I f0und the game extremely poor.
Poor visuals, poor AI and a poor sense of humor.

I can only take so much d*ck humor and the enemies were mindless. Shuffle to the right, then left, jump kick.

It had potential but unfortunately it was poorly executed. I think the reviews give it a pass just because of who was involved making this game.

Cpt_kitten2582d ago

its a master piece if your a super perverted mexican

that game was crap, i agree with maniacmayhem

chiwoo2582d ago

I finished Shadows of the Damned and I had a blast playing it it's good to try out new IPs then keep buying more sequels.Plus what drew me to this game was Suda 51, Akira yamaoka, and shinji mikami.doing the game in which i am huge fans of.