Battlefield 3, Alpha Trial opened now for all ORIGIN accounts |

DICE has posted on its official blog of Battlefield, a series of questions and answers designed to dispel the doubts that afflict many people eager to try the multiplayer version of Alpha and Beta of Battlefield 3.

First Multiplayer Alpha test version, of which you can find a comprehensive analysis in our article , was released in June edition Personal Computer by invitation only to developers, and to certain registered users to Origin and meeting minimum requirements (writing the newsletter , a value equal to or greater than veteran level 3 verified under My Soldier-> Veteran logging in to the official website ).

Now it is open to all enrolled ORIGIN! Just log in , accept the Terms of Service, redeem code on the ORIGIN Trial download and install the Alpha PC.


For all the people who can not get the code from the Official Alpha Trial web site, the Global Battlefield Community Manager at DICE admitted another invitation Alpha wave is coming.!/zh1nt...

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SonyNGP2582d ago

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle.


Trunkz Jr2582d ago

This is what I get...


Stevo912582d ago

Hey guys it didnt work for me the first time so I tried again a day later and it worked perfect got my code on bf3 as we speak, im veteran status 2 aswell

MAJ0R2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

make sure you go into the profile settings at the Origin website and verify your email, right after I did that they sent me an email (note that your email is not verified by default) so to the people who didn't get one make sure to verify

HydroCopper2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Getting in has nothing to do with your veteran lvl now. I own both bad company games but havent added them to my status so its still 0 and i received a code today, im guessing because i have 325 hrs in BC2 and still a regular player.

For all those ppl who are stoked about the alpha....don't be. sure its cool to play bf3 but it is a very broken version. in 10 min it froze and crashed on me twice. it keeps poping up with an error msg when trying to join servers telling me i have to d/l a driver that doesn't exist yet.
There is no control options and mouse sensitivity is ridiculously high, almost unplayable. most of the time I try to shoot someone in close proximity it starts lagging all to hell and the person disappears. screen flickering. no aim toggle.

not much fun. still looking forward to the beta though. and i will keep (trying to) play the alpha so dice can test the servers

Elwenil2582d ago

To the best of my knowledge, I have yet to register on the Origin site and was unable to sign in today as the page kept coming up blank so I can't see for sure. At any rate, I did get my invite to the Closed Alpha Test in my email today. Too bad my poor little Pentium 4 can never run it, lol. Guess I'll have to wait for the PS3 beta to check it out.

JellyJelly2582d ago

I got it, downloaded it, installed it, clicked on "Quick Match"...and couldn't play it because my PC is old and crappy.

arjman2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Elwenil, any chance you could pm me your alpha code? I'd be really grateful :P

Hellsvacancy2582d ago

Even i gotta code, no good though, my laptop isnt good enough

arjman2582d ago

Anybody who has a spare code and cannot run it, please pm me the code :) I would do the same for you guys if I was in you position :D

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St02582d ago

Nice, Worked for me now. Servers must be overflowing though, won't let me join a game

Shikoro2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Haha, I just tried it and I thought I won't get a redemption key like when I tried a few days ago, but I got it.

Here's a pic:

A little notice, I have never ever played any BF game in my life, but I always wanted to. I just feel bad for those who played them and deserve this more than I do. :(

St02582d ago

Apparently the servers are down just now, just if anyone was wondering why it says

"A generic game error was reported, please try again. ( code: 5 )"

when trying to play it

majorw22582d ago

Be sure you have Windows 7, DX10 Video and a dual-core or better CPU or it will not let you launch the BF3 Alpha.

Got this all setup on a new laptop only to find that it didn't support DX10.

Spent the next few hours getting it all setup on a beefy gaming PC, only to find out that Origin doesn't support launching the BF3 Alpha on Windows XP...

Uggg... I've got the code to get the Alpha, just don't have a PC w/ all the right ingredients to launch it... guess I'll be getting this on PS3 after it releases so I don't have to upgrade to Windows 7 just to run a game.

OMGitzThatGuy2582d ago

if you dont use the code pass it thisa way lol

SMKS892582d ago

lol that sounds so depressing. how do they determine who gets a code and who doesn't?

Motion2582d ago

Doesn't XP cap out at DX9 anyway?

fossilfern2582d ago

I got my code AND my 6950 will be here tomorrow :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This couldnt of worked out better !

hiredhelp2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

OK so tonight i go to check my mail sure enough i had the invite. fantastic big smile.
baring in mind im having to run this on my old system (my girlfreind's system) as my system is upstairs and everyone is a sleep!
Well i do the useral login to origin put in code launch the game.
going into the game i knew i had a bottle neck for thoes who dont know what that means. it means parts of your computer thats not up to scratch.
it recommends 4 core, she has core 2 duo X 512mb vga radion 4870 tick 4GB RAM tick she has 4gb ddr3

having known this i go to launch the game ok the card needs updating sure not as fast as it could be but i had no real slow ups still farly smooth. then i went to press escape go into options BOOM"

MY PC SHUT DOWN INSTATLY" so as useral thought hmm possibly psu or mobo power still in psu cos fires up then goes off. maybe its the board i have a reset button led light and power on the board thoes were lit. hmm still could be board.... so i switched off for 20min. turned back on yupee i havent fucked up my girlfreinds computer. BASICLY for anyone running a core 2 duo you can run this game.SO why did my pc shut down simple. the chip on my VGA got very hot as a result the system shut down so when running this game on a simular card i highly suggest to turn up your fans. let it cool chip b4 launching after doing this i never had no problems. bareing in mine im not running my fan on vga using ati overdrive at 100x noisey but works just tells me this game is beafy on vga's

now just cant wait for tommrow till i can use my main rig i7. anyways thought let you guys know if any of that was any use.

sprayNpray2582d ago

I'd like to publicly apologize for reporting people for trolling, just got my invite and I can't wait to play! Just keep checking your inbox guys, I literally just got mine.

sprayNpray2581d ago

why did people disagree? I'm not lying.

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tepkisiz2582d ago

DAMN! I cant wait to go home and try it! Good move from EA although ORIGIN sucks at the moment

vortis2582d ago

I've got too many accounts with too many different companies to sign up for yet another. While it's tempting for the BF3 alpha, I find that all the games on Origin are way overpriced, especially for old games no one plays anymore.

I'll just wait patiently and play BF3 at a later time...*sigh*

Flavor2582d ago

Doesn't work. Screen this stuff please.

Flavor2582d ago

oop wait i got an Invite and a code so i guess it worked..