Diehard GameFAN: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Review

DHGF: So the Dynasty Warriors series has essentially become a franchise that only reaches out to a select few people, largely because the franchise has been pushing the same general concepts and mechanics out to fans for the better part of its lifespan. The market doesn’t seem to like this, on the whole, and while one could make the argument that the franchise is essentially no worse off in concept than the Madden franchise, people like football over running around slaying hundreds of dudes, so we can see where this might break down a bit. Personally, I’m not a fan of the core games, and only the oddball releases like the Empires games or the games based on franchises other than, well, Dynasty Warriors, interest me. Dynasty Warriors Gundam is such a franchise, as while the games are essentially the same house with a new coat of paint, playing as giant robots who blow up other giant robots is more exciting than the alternative, even if I don’t follow the Gundam franchise in the least...

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Xof2551d ago

Musou games change things up a helluva lot more than the average big franchises, from Call of Duty to Madden, etc., etc.

I'm tired of people playing one game for an hour and assuming that ALL of the others games were mostly identical to it, because "the videos kind of look the same."

Hicken2551d ago

Good luck with getting anyone to see that. It's a niche spinoff of a niche franchise. You and I know the difference because we've played em. But, seeing as how these reviews are just done by dudes in basements, I guess we shouldn't expect them to know anything more than whatever game they're currently playing.

Xof2551d ago

The point is, if you're going to write a review, you ought to know what you're talking about.

Hicken2551d ago

A point lost in this day of the internet, where anyone can call themselves a reviewer.