The Walking Dead Video Game will NOT follow the Comic series

Zombie lovers will already know about Robert Kirkman’s popular comic book series The Walking Dead. It recently has hit the mainstream last year when AMC launched a TV series based on the comic’s story. The two narrative were different although following key parts of the original graphic novel. Telltale Games’ take on The Walking Dead will not include the comics narrative.

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WhiteLightning2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

I know they were crappy games anyway but I hated the fact that the LOST and Prison Break games didn't focus on the main character (Obviously one of the MANY problems the games had)

Why can't we just play as Rick and follow the comics. Although saying that this is going to be another point and click games isn't it :|

Cpt_kitten2489d ago

thats disappointing, i like the comics waaaaaay better than they show

Miiikeyyy2489d ago

Just finished reading all 87 issues. And I completely agree, The comic is amazing. Shame the game won't follow the comic

JsonHenry2489d ago

This is good news for me. Nothing will be expected and rehashed. A completely new story is always nice.

belal2489d ago

but is it a fps or tps? i liked left for dead.

BlmThug2489d ago

I Love The Walking Dead Show