Need for Speed: The Run's on foot sections are less than 10% of the game -'s Jamin Smith writes: "Need for Speed: The Run still has a lot to prove. What I've played of it so far, however, is looking robust: the cars handle well (although things were a little too arcadey for my tastes), the tracks look great and the cross-country nature of the race itself is epic in scale. Criterion did a fantastic job with Hot Pursuit, and Slightly Mad followed suit with Shift 2: Unleashed - here's hoping Black Box can keep up the pace."

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Ares842428d ago

It should be 0% of the game.

Why can't they just give us a open world game with day and night cycles, upgradable cars and cops. Take Burnout Paradise as a starting point and build on that.

I feel that only Criterion Games are able to make a fun racing game this gen.

theonlylolking2428d ago

Polyphony Digital, Turn 10, slightly mad studios, and Bizzare creations also make fun racing games.

spunnups2428d ago

I want Burnout Paradise 2, anything else can kick rocks!

JasonBloodbourne2428d ago

is this gonna have a cannonball run type of feel to it? if so sign me up! i wanted to be captain chaos as a kid lol

MasterD9192428d ago

Its the equivalent of timed button smashing. Its more cinematic than entertaining.