Co-Director Dishonored: 'Call of Duty makes gamers stupid'

Lead Designer Raphael Colantonio of the game Dishonored made a remarkable comment in the Belgian gaming magazine Chief. Appearently he isn't a big Call of Duty fan.

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BakedGoods2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )


Micro_Sony2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

The man speaks the truth.

Take my 14 year old brother for example - he is a die hard COD fans and play the game like it is crack cocaine. So I was in my room and my brother walks in while I was playing Uncharted 1 so I asked if he wanted a go at one of the puzzles....after 15 minutes of trying he just gives up and went back to playing COD.

Micro_Sony2577d ago

Also was I the only one who found the puzzles in UC1 a little more challenging than the puzzles in UC2?

Lets hope UC3 goes back to harder puzzles as I love solving them.

Ser2577d ago

I also felt the same about the puzzles in Uncharted 2. It's not like Uncharted 1's puzzles were insanely difficult or anything, but U2's puzzles were laughably easy.

PrimordialSoupBase2577d ago

So simple they don't have the right to be called puzzles. The first Uncharted anyway.

ShoryukenII2577d ago

The hardest puzzle for me was in the monastery library with Sully in the first game. The second game had very easy puzzles though.

Brownghost2577d ago

let me guess both going to gamestop
You:"id like to pre order UC3"
brother:MW3 hardened ed!"

Your brother sounds like he has no skill let him try Battlefield series for once

mafiahajeri2577d ago

He will probably break tomb raider if you gave him a go at it. As a matter of fact you would too!!

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CarlosX3602577d ago

Raphael Colantonio, speak for yourself. I loved COD4, and I am NOT stupid. So shut up.

Brownghost2577d ago

hes talking about what the franchise is right now and what it does

egidem2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

This would explain why the 10 year olds out there act like shit.

The sad part is COD fanboys will read the title and say: "What? Is he calling me stupid?"

No he's not. He's simply saying something like: "That dress makes you look fat." It doesn't mean that you're fat.

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Dart892577d ago

*According to him, making games like Call of Duty gamers just stupid and they are not ready to play games like Dishonored to study after their call of duty. Call of Duty gamers therefore not prepared for playing a game like Dishonored .

Septic2577d ago

There is actual undisputable proof that this is true, just on this very website:

Inside_out is a huge COD fanboy.

End of discussion.

StayStatic2577d ago

Indeed living proof right their , COD makes you retarded and a noob.

egidem2577d ago

Yes, inside out is solid proof.

Let's also not forget the other (female) troll who goes by the name Warprincess116..Huge call of duty fangirl, currently temporarily banned.

ForTheFallen2577d ago

Oh he be trollin.

But I agree, CoD taught us all to run out in the open and forgo cover for perks and auto aim assists. Battlefield 3 will set us right.

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