BodyCount Campaign & Multiplayer Game Modes Revealed

Codemasters’ BodyCount is rapidly approaching release, and following Electronic Theatre’s hands-on time with the single-player game the publisher has offered more details on the gameplay modes included on the disc. New information regarding both the single-player and multiplayer modes, and the revelation of the Solo BodyCount and Co-Op gameplay, has been revealed.

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Septic2581d ago

This feels like a cross between Black and Timesplitters to me which is a good thing.

The multiplayer modes seem a bit generic (and max 12 players) but depending on the strength of the shooting mechanics, this could be a gem that is being eclipsed by the major FPS' out there.

There are way too many games coming out!

DoomeDx2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Didnt timesplitters have 12 players too? That worked right didnt it?

Been a while since i played timesplitters, but i belive it was 12 players.

joydestroy2581d ago

wait i heard the PC version was canned ???

jagstatboy2581d ago

getting more intrigued by this game.

EliteAssass1n2581d ago

not sure if its permanent, but the videos i've seen have switched from the modern day 'down-the-iron-sights' zoom to old-school goldeneye007 zoom which is pretty pathetic.

wenaldy2581d ago

Just look at the old trailer... It looks crap.. Bring on Criterion games for proper sequel of Black..!!!

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