Ridiculous Savings on Metroid: Other M

Despite your feelings toward the Wii or the latest addition to the Metroid series grabbing Other M at 60% off suggested price from Amazon is beyond a good deal.

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fossilfern2425d ago

So did I. I didn't mind the voice actor for Samus at all but some of the lines were a bit silly. Still a fantastic game

Surfaced2425d ago

That was an inappropriate thumbnail image to use for this submission....

Pozzle2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

I don't even know what it's meant to be a picture of. I'm guessing it's Samus' boobs. But I'm can't figure out how the rest of her body is supposed to be positioned so that her boobs look like that. o.O

Miiikeyyy2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

It's her ass. It's by an Artist named Reiq. Most of his work is NSFW.

This is the Thumbnail:

frelyler2425d ago

Oh calm down FOX news....

CrescentFang2425d ago

A good video about Other M and different views about it...

link (couldn't embed)

RufustheSage2425d ago

Gamestop has it used for 15.