The Best Gaming Demakes Ever - Megabits

Megabits of Gaming writes: "Countless games get an overhaul every now and again - a remake that often promises improved graphics, more levels, some extra gameplay content or at least, makes use of the new technology available to the developers.

Well, there are plenty of fans out there who have wanted to do exactly the opposite, reimagining their favourite games on a classic console."

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LovelyLara2524d ago

I have to be honest and say I am a bit of an old fashioned kind of girl and always want things the way they were. I still play my original Nintendo / Super Nintendo as I don’t think any of the games that have been redone are as good as the originals. However, I do enjoy Mario on the Nintento DS. Also ~cough~ I tend to find the remakes too hard to get through.

Ibwib2524d ago

Heh heh, I'm almost the exact opposite, I find modern games much easier than the old stuff-all that pattern recognition and careful timing always scuppered me. I much prefer easier, narrative oriented modern games.

Still, it's a pretty cool tribute to the game in question that people want to put all that time and good humour into giving them a retrograde tweak.

capaldof2524d ago

Team Fortress 2 is brilliant!! May have to find a few hours tonight to replay this gem.