Potential Blockbuster Games Poised to Close Out 2007

It is coming into the home stretch of the historic Autumn/holiday games season for 2007, but there are few more big ticket titles for the second half of November and December like a certain PC shooter and a major music game. Here are the potential blockbuster games poised to close out the year.

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chester4059d ago

it's getting overlooked by everyone pretty much. there are a few previews on different sites but honestly, and it sucks because the game looks good, games like cod4, mass effect, rock band, and assassins creed have so much more notoriety among the gaming sites and seemingly those gamers that aren't quite casual, but not quite hardcore. i'm hoping uncharted does great, but i'm expecting it to do far less then any of the other november releases.
i'll be buying it though, without a doubt.

solidt124058d ago

Uncharted is going to be bigger that at least two of those games that were listed. I didn't see Mario Galaxy either.

BIoodmask4059d ago

to see that Mass Effect made the list. That is my most anticipated game for this year. Bioware hasn't let me down yet. The original KOTOR is still one of my favorites

I am also looking forward to Crysis but I have to buy a new graphics card so that is going to be a pretty expensive game.

Skerj4058d ago

I'm getting Mass Effect for sure but I'm still waiting until some friends alleviate my fears on Crysis. The demo felt like Super FarCry with GORGEOUS graphics but next to shallow gameplay, I'm hoping for some tweaked out alien weapons and possibly more suit functiions or something.

socomnick4058d ago

Well in 2003 They release kotor it won
* Game of the Year Awards (48)
* RPG of the Year Awards (33)
* Other Awards (35)
* Editor's Choice Awards (11)
I 2005 they release Jade empire.
It won 67 awards - not all goty by the way.
In 2002 they launched Neverwinter Nights
It wont 86 Awards.

Theres many other amazing games that bioware launched Im just too lazy to list them all.

Ahhhh4059d ago

Are you serious? Go play Jade, I liked it but some didn't care for it as much, and go play KOTOR, amazing game.. Better than Jade Empire. I agree with that list.

OOG FunK4059d ago

another negative comment from shaka wow thats a surprise......

anyway yea deff gonna be a nice way to close off the year now...hopfully it picks up quick in jan again without any delays

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The story is too old to be commented.