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ZTGD Writes: Whether from television, comic books, or literature, every gamer has that one love that “would make a great game.” This week, the ZTGameDomain review crew shares their dreams for turning beloved properties into videogames.

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Canary2546d ago

Wow. An overrated TV series, an awful series of books, and an uninspired cop show...? Really?

Gonna remember as a site to ignore.

PaladinXII2543d ago

OK... so you must be referring to Firefly as "overrated," The Dark Tower as "awful" and... which is the uninspired cop show? If you're talking about The Dresden Files, you either a) didn't read the article to learn that The Dresden Files is a series of books by Jim Butcher or b) you lack the reading comprehension to process that fact.

Either way, your comment paints you as a troll. Rather than offer your own suggestions or hopes for video game adaptation, you decided to be a jerk about it.

So, be our guest. Ignore us. We'll be glad to reciprocate.

PaladinXII2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

If anyone would like to offer something constructive, we'd love to hear it. :)