Why The Lack Of Global Release Dates?

Gaming Irresponsibly's Callum writes: 2011 has been a year of awesome release and this level of gaming goodness is set to continue right the way through to 2012. But there has been a giant shadow cast over the gaming world and it truly is an elephant in the room.

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Cal6642547d ago

I wantz ma Catherine! Why do we have to wait until 2012?

blitz0x2547d ago

I've always wondered what exactly causes games to be released at different times in different places. Especially in the digital age...

agentxk2547d ago

I can understand translation issues but EU and AUS releases and no US or vise versa?

ultrapepe2547d ago

On top of this, why are there region lock-outs? How does it really hurt the industry if I want to play both the American and Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts II on my PlayStation 2?