Sony: Gore "narrows the audience," Starhawk to be 'welcoming'

Senior producer Harvard Bonin of Sony has expressed their desire to help Starhawk reach a wider audience, as many gamers were "not being addressed."

You can still achieve a "very powerful feeling" without resulting to gory violence, says Bonin. M-rated titles are at times "more immature" than others.

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Flashwave_UK2577d ago

phew i misread the title i was About to RaGe.

Ducky2577d ago

Me too.
Definitely don't want Al Gore in mah games.

ZombieNinjaPanda2577d ago

I honestly hope that Starhawk will be the 'Halo' of the ps3, multiplayer wise. Lots of options to choose, lots of customization, plenty of vehicle types, good split screen etc.

Warhawk was an amazing game, it just lacked some of the customization.

Dlacy13g2577d ago

I think they are taking Starhawk in a good direction. I dont have an issue with less "gore" so long as they don't turn blood green or something. Keep it tasteful and keep building upon the current concept of Tower Defense like elements mixed into the shooter.

vickers5002577d ago

Warhawk to me was like a third person Battlefield game with the pace of Call of Duty.

One of the best online shooters ever.

HelghastDrake2577d ago

Really? Say that to the 3 plus million gamers that bought MK, over 5 plus million that bought Gears, The nearly 10 million gamers that bought GTA IV. This is the biggest load of crap in the gaming industry. There is no proof whatsoever that M rated games hurt sales. Infact there is MORE proof that M rated games sell the best! Enough with the BS

MidnytRain2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Yeah, but, I never really imagined Warhawk/Starhawk with heads, limbs, and entrails flying every which way. Some games have M-rated content seemingly for the sake of it. Sony just doesn't want to exclude people who can't/don't play that stuff. Maybe they just want a more "open" game.

Then again, M-rated games seem to have the most children online in my experience. Maybe this is a good thing.

2577d ago
clearelite2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Indeed, in fact I was going to comment on that. Games like MK and Gears arguably wouldn't be as big as they are without shock factor and the "satisfaction" that gore brought to the table.
They were just saying that this game was focusing on hardcore gamers, so I'm wondering what they are getting at. This was my most anticipated game, I hope I don't have to pass it up because they are trying to appeal to everyone.
I don't think this man said the game will be without gore. I think he is saying that the game is more sophisticated and tasteful and doesn't rely on excessive violence to sell it. There is no way he is dumb enough to think that removing gore will get more people to buy it.

Bolts2577d ago

Last I checked this is a game where you can shoot someone in the face with a tank. But gore? That's bad. Let's make shooting people in the face more accessible to 10 years old by removing blood and guts. Lame.

Dlacy13g2577d ago

You realize you can tame down gore and still make the game great. Last time I checked some of the best games have smaller amounts of gore than other lesser games. You get hit by a tank body will rag doll up with the explossion but you aren't really seeing body parts and gore. Small puffs of blood is more than fine for a bullet hit.

Ducky2577d ago

Gore was quite popular in the past (gibs! gibs everywhere!) but you're right, only a few FPS games nowadays have gore.

Tf2 is the only game I can think of that pulls gore correctly (it just fits into the theme) but aside from that, I enjoy the sight of a ragdoll careening across the sky more than seeing enemies explode in gorey fireworks.

Michael-Jackson2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

I'm worried about the RTS element (building structures) of this game because Brutal Legend had it tacked on and it was horrible, reviewers liked it but I hated the game. I hope it works well when it releases.

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