'PS3 is in our DNA': The LA Noire post-mortem

LA Noire started life back in 2004, how different did it look in your mind back then to what it's ended up becoming?

Brendan McNamara: We were talking about this the other day, doing the post-release on the game internally, and I think it's about 80% of what we wanted to achieve. We had some more open world type things happening in the game.

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zootang2464d ago

"I wouldn't profess to be an expert about either one but I'd say from our point of view with the PS3, we think it's got - with Naughty Dog's new game - people just get cleverer and cleverer about it, like what percentage of the raw power are they using up? What you can do on SPUs on PS3 is pretty amazing so we think there's still a lot of life left in it. We'd certainly still like to do another one on it, so..."

Very interesting.

nickjkl2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

of course they only make exclusives for sony

oh wait they dont

edhe2464d ago

They must be right ugly mofos.

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frostypants2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

LA Noire is great, but for one thing: they sort of missed the whole "noir" thing. A true noir/noire film is more than just a detective story. It's also about the look. LA Noire has far too much taking place in bright daylight. Noir/noire is supposed to be relatively dark (the word MEANS "black" after all), and when there is light, it's contrasted with a lot of shadows. Fairly recent non-black and white films that get this atmosphere right are "Blade Runner"(1982) and "Dark City" (1998). "Minority Report" and to some extent "Inception" come close at times.

The only part of LA Noire that got the noir/noire feel right is the title screen, and perhaps the scenes in the Blue Room Jazz Club.

The very early pics of the game indicated that they had the right thing in mind, but somewhere along the line they got off if someone got to them with a watered-down definition of a noir film, and they compromised because it gave them flexibility.

It's STILL a great game...but it should have just been called "LA Detective Story" or something. And it's not just this game...a lot of so-called "noir movies" aren't at all (some people think "The Departed" is a noir isn't, it's just a crime flick).

I would LOVE to see a game just like "LA Noire", but with a focus on the true noir look, and set in the future (i.e. tech-noir). We used to see games with that sort of feel back in the 1990s.

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