Eurogamer: Catherine Review

Eurogamer writes "The main character of Catherine, Vincent Brooks, is the type of guy who you might describe as aimless."

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Cloudberry2548d ago

I'm surprised even Eurogamer gave the game a 9 / 10.

Great score.

KingPin2548d ago

yeah, i thought they were a biased site :-| either the reviewer actually means it, or he was doing handstands at the time and confused a 6 for a 9.

Daver2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Eurogamer have other scores than 7? who would have thought.

SoulMisaki2548d ago

Places like Destructoid, Siliconera, and Eurogamer; all known for using the full 1 - 10 rating system, all have given it 9 or higher.

If that doesn't show a great game, I don't know what will.

Son_Lee2548d ago

Stellar reviews across the board. Decided to give this game a go, just waiting for it to arrive from Amazon. Already been shipped.

nix2548d ago

am so getting this.

callahan092548d ago

Such a strange game. It's basically a puzzle game, rather simple in gameplay but complex to master, and there's some slight RPG-ish stuff going on between puzzles, and TONS of story to watch in cutscenes. Strange hybrid, but it works, I think it's a pretty cool game.

Ponurasky2548d ago

Eurogamer gave a Japanese game a 9/10? I must be hallucinating...