Battlefield 3 Beta Date Rumours Debunked

Recent rumours surrounding a launch of a console beta version for the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 have placed the testing phase at a late September/early October date. However, the studio responsible for the game have this morning dismissed the rumours, suggesting that there has been no confirmed date yet discussed at DICE.

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Rettom2578d ago

Yup, that date was too late.

Inside_out2578d ago

Whats the big secret??? Your running the " alpha " beta on PC right now...I don't get it EA-dice, ARE YOU TRYING TO HIDE SOMETHING. Why can't you even give a date to the demographic that had DOUBLE the sales of the PC for your last game...O_o

The leaked footage of the PC beta looks pretty bad...bad launch title like lighting, clunky animations and bad physics to boot...and this on " HIGH " pc settings...

How about a little respect for the console gamers that made you rich on your last that too much to ask. :/