PS Vita's Activity "possibly" for PS3

Eurogamer: "The Facebook-like Activity feature of PlayStation Vita may head to PlayStation 3, Sony has revealed."

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CynicalVision2427d ago

Let's hope that's not the only feature that might get transfered between the two products (cross-game chat!).

plmkoh2427d ago

This is really turning out to be a really good value system, hardware is great and now software is great.

MasterCornholio2427d ago

The Vita is the best bang for the buck at 250 euros. In my opinions it contains way more value than the 3DS. Must be costing sony a fortune to sell it at that price.

Wizziokid2427d ago

I think they built it around a price plan so they wouldn't lose on profit so it should be fine for them.

can't wait to get my hands on one!

Bereaver2427d ago

All of the stuff in it was probably already developed so there wasn't a development cost.

MasterCornholio2427d ago

Wait that cant be right. Nintendo is selling the 3DS at a profit at 250 euros. So how can Sony sell something that has a lot better tech than the 3DS at the same price?

There is only one explanation. That Nintendo is making a huge profit with the 3DS.

Does anyone know the answer?

kreate2426d ago

sony previously reported that they wont make any money on the vita for few years. im on my iphone i cant google it :( but i remeber reading such an article.

Xof2426d ago

People who use facebook are asses.

At least in my experience.

I'm sick to death of sitting in lectures and seeing a dozen laptops open in front of me with these twits fiddling around on it.

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