EA’s Profits Keep Getting Bigger and Bigger

EA's Q1 profits have been reported to be more than double that of last year. Both digital and packaged goods are being praised with sales of many game sequels such as Portal 2, Dead Space 2, and Dragon Age 2 all doing well.

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TinaLauro2578d ago

I have a huge collection of EA games - I can certainly say I'm not surprised at the profits!

Inside_out2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

I was really hoping that EA would lose millions instead...oh well. I have no doubt they will begin to falter as their new " incentives " like pay passes, pay for demos, Origin and all the other junk they are trying to pass off to gamers as they make millions and millions in sales and then cry poor.

jmobley2577d ago

they just keep getting bigger, now if only they they would release Mirrors Edge 2