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Supergiant Games’ brand new XBLA title Bastion has a lot of things in its favor. Fantastic visual style, great music, and what many will consider its greatest strength, its narrator. Logan Cunningham’s performance as Bastion’s narrator is pitch-perfect.

Cunningham augments the style and tone of the game, and really helps Bastion set itself apart from its peers. But is one of Bastion’s greatest strengths also one of its largest weaknesses?

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Daavpuke2401d ago

Interesting read and good point, but I don't necessarily agree to it. I felt that the narrative was more of an added effect to the story that unfolded, like a large bonus. If it steers the story in a direction, so be it, the story is great anyway, unparalleled even. I could detach both story and gameplay and see them both as good, without them hindering each other.

MidnytRain2401d ago

I thought Resistance: Fall of Man's story was much better than R2's because of Parker's narration. It was one of the unique flavors ripped out for the sequel.

Psychonaughty2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

I was so busy trying to stay alive (i turned on some of the hard modes) that I completely missed almost all of what he said, so for me it was a great game but the narrator was only useful in quiet moments.

So yeah I agree wholeheartedly with this well written article.