Invader Attack Survival

Invader Attack Survival is not a casual game. It's an extreme classic shooter, shoot-them-up, 3D top view vertical scroller with constant fast-paced action, explosive effects and heavy music. This game is a subset of a popular game for PC computer Windows, available for free demo download on this website. Since it's a Flash game, the game itself is of a much lower quality in comparison with the PC version, but will, nonetheless, provide hours of fun for every true shmup fan. The AI in this Flash game is not sophisticated as in the PC game. Still the enemies are aware of your position and movement and will improve as you progress deeper into enemy territory. The game might seem too easy at the beginning, but that's just to warm you up for the real challenges that awaits you later in the game. You need to be as far as possible from the enemies that are coming right at you! Once their engine is disabled, they destroy everything in their way while falling down.

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