League of Legends Will Finally Let You Say "Gay," Calls Its Censorship Shortsighted

It's rare in the business world these days for anyone to take responsibility for their mistakes, but the massively popular free-to-play game League of Legends did just that this morning regarding the censorship of "gay" in the game's profanity filter.

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JsonHenry2575d ago

Now they call their censorship "gay" instead of shortsighted. :)

soundslike2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

fine print:
"also: faggot"

but seriously, I thought you could delete/turn off the chat filter anyway.

JsonHenry2575d ago

I was under the impression that you could turn it off as well but it has been a while since I played it.

I've never been a fan of filters or censorship of any kind. If you don't like something or don't want to hear what someone is saying then ignore them. Thin skinned people always want to enforce their views and morals on everyone else while the rest of us must suffer through their complaints and whining.

soundslike2575d ago

I don't like when people say gay or faggot but I also don't give a shit when you can /ignore anyone who's actually obnoxious.

But the thing about thinner skinned people is that by the time they reach that point the damage is already done, its unfortunate, so theres definitely two sides.

ATiElite2575d ago

What has happened to America and Freedom of Speech?
Many people have fought bravely and died so we can say what we want without fear of persecution and or censorship!

Language filters should ONLY be an option that you can turn on or off. Sure people will say cruel things but that's not nearly as bad as sitting there trying to figure out a way to "circumvent a system" just so you can express yourself!

Banning words leads to banning phrases which leads to banning thoughts which leads to a society of enslaved non free thinking individuals who are controlled like puppets by those with the power!

I may not agree with or even like what people write or say but they dam sure have the right to write or say what they want and if i don't like like i just move along!

Cpt_kitten2575d ago

well you know what i say during this whole argument agaisnt "cyber bullying".....if you can't handle the anonymous nobodies on the internet you shouldn't be on it, its a cruel world so you gotta learn to sink or swim

i agree with you filters should be an option just like parental controls are an option, its completely understandable if a parent dose not want a child to see vulgar words or seeing violent stuff but last i checked ESRB even states they do not rate the online portions and it maybe worse than the actual game

Neckbear2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

...Libel doesn't fall into "Freedom of Speech", bro. In fact, it's punishable by law.

theonlylolking2575d ago

Now there will be a bunch of people calling each other gay.

Cpt_kitten2575d ago

isn't that how mmo's are anyway =p