GotGame Exclusive: Batman: Arkham City Joker Interview Tape Revealed

You may have heard or seen some of the viral marketing going around for Batman: Arkham City. Over the last few days interviews conducted by Hugo Strange, the mad doctor who just happens to know the true identity of Batman have been discovered on cassette tapes that were strewn about this years E3. They’ve helped glisten some insight into what we can expect from the next game in the series.

So far, we’ve heard from the likes of the Penguin, Two-Face, and Catwoman. But now it’s time for the mother of all reveals. Using my own formidable sleuthing skills I was able to emulate the world’s greatest detective and hunt down this extremely rare and very, very exciting audio log of Hugo Strange having a conversation with none other than the Joker himself.

Breathe in the awesomeness and get pumped for what is sure to be one of the greatest sequels of all time. Batman: Arkham City takes to the streets to fight crime on October 18th 2011 on the XBox 360, PS3 and PC.


Vid player was changed and I can't find an embed code for it. Trying to get this post updated will post new embed if and when I can. The trailer is still up on the source page though and thoroughly watchable.

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ajdellinger2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Awesome exclusive!

hoskuld2518d ago

YES. This game looks like it will be worth the wait.

BillTheFilmGuy2518d ago

This game will be game of the year material!

wonderboy9232518d ago

Anything Arkham City is good in my book. I can't wait to do some crimefighting again.

DistrictMime2518d ago

I can't wait either. This game is going to be so bad ass.

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